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Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media isn’t just a fad that isn’t going to go away. Love it or hate it your customers and competitors are both using social media to communicate with each other. What is great about using social media for your business is once you are set up on one or more social media platforms, you will find you have the potential to reach a wide audience that meets the needs of your small business.
When you think about social media for your business do you know when the last time you posted? Know the reason you posted that last image? Do you know the audience your posts are reaching? Or is your social media strategy more like walking through the grocery store and tossing in what you think you need or what looks good to eat at the time?

Hint: There is no hack for social media success or any success for that matter.

A lot of small business owners treat their business social media just like their personality. But consuming and producing social media content are two completely different things. It can be damaging to your business to treat social media incorrectly or not at all in some cases for your business.
Knowing how your business, your customers, leads and platform of choice works together all starts with having a killer social media strategy. This marketing tool for your business will determine your social media goals and how your going to be corrected using social media to meet those goals.

  • Offer Value: Always consider your customers perspective when posting through social media. Know your target marketing is key to figuring out what would interest them when posting to social media to reach your customers and leads.

    • What problem does your product or service solve?
    • Provide information to your followers on social media that will overcome their obstacles or make their job and life better.

    In other words, stop selling and start helping.

  • Expand Your Reach: The online market is crowded but does not mean there is no room for your business. You have to get yourself out there and make your mark. Use your brand to regularly interact with others online to build your online presence and brand reputation.
    However remember that if you have to double think why something you’re posting has any relevance to your business, your audience will too. Yes, posting videos of fluffy kitties always look cute but if it doesn’t represent your business, why are you going to post it?

  • Lessons The Risk Failure: Even if you start with as little as 10 minutes on different marketing strategy every day, you will see a difference within your business. When you start to only rely on only 1 marketing strategy, your business is doomed if that strategy stops working. But if you implement five strategies and one stops working, it’s OK because you can still rely on the other four to make sure you have a steady stream of inquiries and clients coming in!

If you would like some help with how to get your business online the right way, you are more than welcome to chat with us further, click here to do so.




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