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What is a Social Media Influencer?

In advertising to consumers, companies are shifting from print to online media. Again, they are also moving away from traditional online advertising to a more subtle way of promoting their goods and services through the use of social media influencers.

The attention span of humans is decreasing every day and new tactics have been devised by businesses to capture and hold the interest of consumers. One of these tactics and one of the most effective ways to reach the millennials in this type of situation is through social media influencers. This is because word of mouth has resulted in better perception for a lot of people than watching paid advert channels.

These days people prefer to buy, visit or patronise the company selling the product or service where their friends or relatives recommend. They believed the report of their friends and trust whomever they recommended to give them what they want. This happens because someone they trust is telling them about the company. This is led to an explosion in the influencer marketing.

Social media influence is the art of influencing people through social media. Influencers marketing is the ability of some people known as social media influencers to mobilize people, create a reaction, influence opinions, have a known voice in a particular area of a subject, and have a large community of people following them online. With these characteristics of influencer, you can see why it is easy for them to motivate people to buy from a particular company.

Anyone can become an influencer. It is not reserved for some special group of people. You can start by having a great knowledge of the subject and then speak about it. Choose your platform, don’t spread yourself thin by trying to appear on all social media pages. Use one and master it. Speak every day about your area of influence and soon you will be seen as a thought leader and a social media influence.




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