What is a Mobile App?

So you may be wondering… What is a Mobile App? Simple. A mobile app is a small computer program that runs on phones and tablets. It helps people access information incredibly fast and provides a beautiful user experience for the customer.

What is a mobile app and how can this help a restaurant you may be wondering?

Simple. A mobile app is a perfect way for a restaurant to connect with one of their customers on the go by providing countless features such as easy access to their full food menu, GPS directions, direct calling, mobile coupons, and much more. Your customers always have their phone on hand, information to them faster by placing your business in the palm of their hand.

Ever have a day when the restaurant is slow with customers?

With an iPhone app created for your restaurant, you can easily send out a push notification offering a special for the day and customers will come flooding in. A mobile app creates a channel of communication for a restaurant that is non-invasive and is completely opt-in. So your customers never feel spammed by your marketing messages! Offer up a deal, inform them of events, make a dinner suggestion, the ideas are endless! 

Thumbtack Marketing creates mobile apps from start to finish for restaurants starting at just $699.

If you haven’t considered adding this to your marketing mix then you should definitely take a second look. We include your full food menu, full event list, full bar/drink specials, push notification ability, mobile coupons, Facebook integration, Twitter integration, picture gallery, and much more – all for less than a newspaper ad each month.

Want to save money and create the app yourself? We have a program for that! So stop asking what is a mobile app and Contact us now and get your project started today.

Written by Wendy

May 13, 2016

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