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Discussion – 


What does social media do for you?

We all know what social media is, and most of us have read an article or two on how to use it effectively. Firstly, if you haven’t we recommend you do. Do you know what all those hours you spend on social media are actually doing for your company?

After reviewing what social media has done for some of our client’s we came up with a few great points to remind you what all that hard work is about.

Brand Awareness
One of the most important things social media can do for your business is, create brand awareness or brand recognition. We’ve all heard the saying by now, ‘people do business with people they know like and trust’ so, by using social media and having good community awareness people get to know you and you business. It’s sort of like becoming their friend, when they are ready with a problem or a need that they are searching for a resolution for, they will know they can come to you because they will be aware that you are out there.

A Decrease in Marketing Costs
When done correctly, using social media shouldn’t cost you a penny. By using good key words or phrases that suit your industry people who are searching what you provide will be able to find your business easily. Spend time researching your competitors and key words that they use so that you can be up to date with your social media. Post frequently but don’t be over bearing or pushy with your posts. We recommend that you track your marketing costs and compare them with your success rates of your free social media marketing.

Come out on Top With Search Rankings
When you’ve plastered yourself all over social media and you’ve begun to interact with clients or potential clients. You can then begin to link them back to your website. By doing so you are increasing your search rankings, search engines see that your business is legitimate, trustworthy and credible and it acts as a signal to search you when your key words are entered.

Make sure you take the time to appreciate what your social media is doing for you. It can be a lot of work but when done properly you should start to see big results.




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