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Stop Lurking on Facebook Groups

Lurking on Facebook Groups: Why You Need to be Active Are you one of those who join groups on Facebook but are not an active participant in any? Well, it’s time you stop lurking and become more active. One of the popular social media websites is Facebook. Many businessmen and women have used it to increase their client base as well as make more money for their business. Unfortunately, too many people still do not understand the benefits associated with social media in general and Facebook in particular.


Here are some of the great things you can get from being active in two or more facebook groups. Yes, I say two or more, because you need only a few to make an impact on your life/business. You don’t need to max out the number of groups available before you can have the benefits. Besides, joining too many causes information overload and you might miss important updates in groups that are more relevant to your industry.

You can get customers by joining groups that are appropriate for your business. You also make sales, get connections and may even get partners and associates for your business through networking. Furthermore, you can save money for advertising by maximising the time you spend there. There are more advantages of using Facebook groups well. But how do you make sure you get all these.

By being an active participant. Once you join a group, introduce yourself. Then ask questions, answer questions you know well, interact with others, explain concepts and share ideas with others. Soon, you will be seen as an expert in your field and you can subtly direct them to your website or facebook page for further marketing.




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