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Pros and Cons of Meet Edgar

If you haven’t met Edgar yet, it is a social media automation scheduling tool. Edgar is different than other scheduling tools out there, as it reuses the content you enter in until you cancel that post or library. You can schedule in any of your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any Facebook page or group you are an admin of. Starting at $49 USD per month it is a steep price to pay to have just a scheduling tool that works with only 3 social networks.

I was asked by one of my clients to test it out with their posts. So I did for a little over a month. This is our list of pros and cons of meet Edgar.

Pros of Meet Edgar

  • Organize content by category 
  • have a constant stream of content for social media 
  • one login to post to your accounts 
  • analytics review of the posts 
  • set it and forget it scheduling. Keeps links to your old blog posts in front of your audience, so those epic posts are going to keep getting ongoing attention. 
  • Great for the planned posts. If you have a topic that you take about on a day of a week like #MotivatedMonday. 

Cons of Meet Edgar

  • Only 3 platforms to post on 
  • No access to manage the real conversation. You still need to log on to each platform individually to share, retweet, comment etc. 
  • Only have one-way control. 
  • Posts get added to a library with only a scramble option to choose the order they get posted in. 
  • Limit the number of posts that can be added to the library. 1000 for the entry level at $49month and 5000 for the second level at $99/month. That is for the total number of accounts you have added onto the platform. The more accounts you need to manage the larger the plan you are going to need to have. 

I have personally chosen to cancel the Meet Edgar account that I had set up and go back to the scheduler. I prefer to have access to all my accounts from one dashboard, to not just schedule content but to also monitor what is happening within the feeds so I can comment share and interact with those communicating with our brand. If you choose to use Meet Edgar, just remember social media is not a set it and forget it a form of marketing for your business. Make sure you develop a way to stay on top of your social media.




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