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Marketing For Your Home

Social Media Marketing is Changing the way to Market Your House

So you’re ready to sell your house. But how to go you about marketing it? Hire an agent, have it on the MLS, ad in a magazine or newspaper. Do you think this is how homes are sold today? Think again. Today’s buyer has a mobile phone, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest. And buyers have that phone with them all day every day and they are using it to plan their next purchase of a house to make a home.

So your home needs to be marketed with an online strategy, a social media strategy to be exact. Leverage the tools that buyers are on to sell your home. Make sure your realtor is maximizing the use of images and custom video to get your house to the market, on all the different platforms.

Twitter has averaged 305 million monthly active users. Do you think it is important that your house is exposed to these users? Of course, it is. Make sure your realtor has a twitter account, and they use it. They have built a following of locals that are interested in what they have to say and have within the market they are selling it to. Have Real estate agent that is constantly growing their following and interacting with them on a daily basis.

If you have a computer with internet access you more than likely have been on youtube or watch a youtube video. Have a walkthrough of your home, that shows the buyer how the house feels. Bring that potential buyer into your home. Don’t just have a virtual tour of a slapped together images in a slideshow of your home. Put some heart into the video by having someone passionate about your house to make it feel like a home.
Video is everywhere, so use it to make your house viral.

Because at the end of the day feelings sell homes, not statistics




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