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Is Your Business Ready To Go Mobile?

This year more than ever there are now more people using mobile devices than those using laptops. It’s official – the mobile world is here. The majority of consumers choose to research products and services on their mobile devices before purchasing, regardless of whether they purchase later in a store or online.

Being mobile ready can mean several different things. You can have a mobile optimized website, an app, or both in some cases.

So is your business ready to go mobile? We’ve laid out a few questions to help you make the decision.


Is most of your traffic coming from mobile devices?

You can find out via simple web analytics or surveys, if most of your traffic comes from mobile devices. Most people in North America and around the world are using mobile these days to research and visit businesses websites and apps, but do the research to make sure that’s the case with your business. However, I think it’s safe to say many of your customers are definitely accessing your website on mobile! Even sitting in front of their laptop like Sarah at NTE, was found doing more than once today.


Do you have a lot of content on your website?

A good example of this might be a restaurant that has a cluttered navigation for their website. If you’ve seen websites like this on a mobile phone it is not pretty, so it would make sense to get a mobile optimized website, a responsive site, and app or even better, both developed with NTE.


Are your competitors reaching customers through mobile marketing?

If your competition has not yet reached customers through mobile marketing you have an opportunity to beat them to the punch. And if your competition has, well, you better catch up! Customers have come to expect mobile experiences from their favorite small businesses.

Can you business benefit from a loyalty program?

Rewards and loyalty programs are hugely popular with amongst small businesses. Offering special rewards, incentives and discounts is a great way to draw loyal customers. And if you have a rewards program, it’s important to make sure it’s easily accessed. A mobile app can be the perfect solution to rewarding your customers without the clutter of an additional punch card in their wallet.

 Does your business hold special events?

Some small businesses that have a lot of events can find a mobile app helpful for keeping customers informed. You can encourage customers to download the app so they can RSVP and keep up with upcoming deals, events and promotions, as well as sharing these events with friends.


Ask Yourself

Now there are many reasons to go mobile but the above are a few questions to ask yourself about your business. More than ever customers are interacting with businesses of every size on their mobile devices so in our opinion it’s not a matter of if you should go mobile but when.




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