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How to Use Facebook to Capture Lead

Do you know that you can actually make sales from all your Facebook posts, tweets, Linkedin posts, Pinterest pins and all your social media engagements? Sure, you can. Social media is not just for brand building and gaining a positive reputation. You can use it to get customers and clients depending on your product or service. Capturing quality leads is the dream of any serious marketer and you can do effectively with Facebook and other social media pages.

Capturing leads with Facebook is easier, cheaper and more efficient than using the traditional means of advertisement. When you think of the cost of writing a sales page and placing in a newspaper, for example, you can see that you are saving a lot of money. Again when you advertise in a television or radio, you have no way of measuring your results. But with Facebook, you can easily measure, test and evaluate your marketing to make it better.

When you reduce the cost of marketing and increase the effectiveness of your lead capturing, you will agree that this is a more cost-effective method of getting subscribers and sales. How do you go about capturing those leads?


First, make sure you have a professional Facebook page for your business. With a Facebook page, you can easily write and create any post you want without offending Facebook. With a page, you appear more professional and is seen as a brand.

Now, make use of the Facebook analytical page. This will help you to find out who is liking your page, their demographics, the period you got the most likes and more. This will help you better tailor your promotional activities.

Use surveys to gather more data. You can find out what your target customers want from your service. You can improve on what they have already by their answers.

Furthermore, you can have a contest. Use one of your lead magnets as the prize or create a new prize. You can also use a trial period for your service or a piece of your product. This will generate a buzz and get you more leads.

Lastly, have a custom HTML page in your page. This will easily show the visitor to the page your lead capture page so they can give you their email address and name if they want the resource on the custom tab.

Use the above methods to capture great leads for your business




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