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Discussion – 


Grow Your List with Facebook – Part Two

As seen in The Business Link Niagara December 2017

Why should you grow your list?

There are many benefits to growing a list.

  • Stay in contact with loyal fans and followers
  • Build your brand
  • Keeps you in front of mind when people are looking for referrals
  • Retargeting your visitors to keep them moving in your sales funnel.

How to use Facebook to grow your list

Now you know the benefits of growing your list, how do you actually grow the list? More specifically how do you grow the list with Facebook?

  1. Have a Business Page separate then your personal
  2. Create relevant posts about your industry on your Business Page
  3. Create a facebook group to interact with your fans
  4. Run sponsored posts to get more engagement on your page. When there is positive interaction on the ads, interact with comments and invite likes to follow your Facebook Business Page.
  5. Lead magnet landing pages that you will enable you to capture the contact information of people who are interested in your services details.

Social Media is just a source for gaining traffic to your website, landing page or location. You need to use the data in your list to nurture the relationship with the leads and customers. When you interact with them on a personal level you increase the ability to convert lead to customers, and customers into brand advocates.




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