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Grow Your List with Facebook – Part One

The number one priority of a business owner is to build a list of people interested in the product or service offered. Whether you are an entrepreneur, brick and mortar business or just starting out in your garage; you need fans, followers, that are real people who you will turn to customers. This is why you need to build a list and make this a priority from the first day of starting your business.


So how do you build this list?

There are many ways of building a list of in-person networking, guest blogging, sponsored posts, and referrals. However, one of the most cost-effective solutions is through social media. Social Media Marketing is a broad term used to cover the form of marketing your products and services through an online social platform.

While there are hundreds social media websites out there; the most common in North America that marketers use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and LinkedIn. Knowing the platform that is right for your business is knowing your target market. This will include knowing where your ideal customers spend the most time online and combining it with the skills, time and budget you have to commit to using the platform(s) of your choice. Focusing on one platform to start will enable you to be able to master how to engage that audience and grow the interactions with those on in that community. By focusing on your efforts you are better able to find your hot prospects, by noticing their interaction with your company, grow the relationship. Once they know and trust you and your business as an expert they will open up to provide a direct authorisation to join your list by giving you their email address and name.




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