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Facebook Ads You Must Be Using to Grow Your Business

Facebook ads you must be using

For marketers, Facebook is one of the most popular channels to promote their business online and engage people to their products and Facebook advertising plays an important role in doing this. You are making a big mistake if you are not taking advantage of Facebook advertising to enhance your marketing strategies. It allows you to reach people based on age, gender, location, and more with regular updates.

Facebook Ads offer an opportunity for brands to get their messages to the right people. There are many types of ads that you can use in your business. Some of them are:

Facebook Ads Manager

The best tool to manage your Facebook ads is the Facebook Ads Manager. You will have one hell of a lot more options when using this part of the platform then just boosting your Facebook or Instagram post.

1. Image Ads

Images can be used for brand awareness. Images are a necessary part to make any type of ad. Your brand’s success depends on the images that you used in your ads. To make your ad impactful you must choose images that are pertinent to your brand.

2.Lead Ads

Lead ads are useful for your business to generate qualified leads. When people click on your Lead Ad Pop-Ups, they are simply added to your contact list. Now they can get the information they want and by this, you can generate leads for your business. Facebook automatically fills all the details like name, email address or phone number of the user which helps us to send information to them.

3. Video Ads

Video Ads are the most popular way to engage with people or drive conversions. It is also a great way of retargeting. You can retarget those peoples who watch your video. Videos ads collect attention earlier than other ad formats and also helps to convey the message in an easy to understand format.

4. Canvas Ads

Facebook Introduced Canvas Ads which is an interactive Ad format type. It is a full screen, immersive and expressive ad format. It helps you to display all your images, videos, call to action buttons in a single ad to capture the leads. These ads are easy to make and mobile-optimized and can capture all the attention of your customers.

5. Facebook Collection Ads

Viewers can discover, browse, and purchase their products with their mobiles. It uses the canvas format for displaying ads that drive engagement. This format allows users to interact with your ad and browse and purchase more products from their mobile devices.

6. Facebook Event Ads

Event Ads are helpful to generate more traffic for your website through your events. You can retarget your visitors who have expressed interest in the past and are interested in your events. For this, you can choose photos, videos, or more creative formats.

7. Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads allows you to serve different ads to your customers according to their behaviour. It automatically promotes your most relevant items to your most relevant person. You only need to set up your campaign once and after that, it will work for you as you want.

Phones with Facebook Ads outlines

8. Application Ads

These ads help you to engage and encourage people to install your business app. If your app is mobile optimized, you can use your app at a big level to reach your most valuable customers and motivate them to perform actions like to choose and purchase products. You can also track your customers and measure the success of your ad campaign.

9. Domain Ads

Domain targeting advertising is a type of display advertising which gives you the ability to target a specific category of website that is related to your target customer. This is the most used ad format on Facebook because you can test different ads that get people directly to your website.

10. Carousel Ads

This feature allows you to display up to ten images or videos within a single ad with an individual headline and its own link. This will help you to explain your product in a story format which is helpful to easily engage with your customers.

You can choose an ad format that you can use for your business. This will help you to generate more leads and drive more traffic to your website.

 Need Help to set up or maintain your Facebook ads? Contact Thumbtack Marketing today!




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