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Building Relationships Online

There is nothing more important in marketing than building relationships. So why are so many businesses so lost on what is working on Social Media Marketing? Most are still thinking from the consumer standpoint still. The ‘all about me’ point of view. The same business are posting about what they want to sell first and posting when it is convenient for them to post. Do you need to change the approach you’re taking on social media for your business so that it will interest your potential customers? Start by making the change about your customers and potential clients and their interests.

[bctt tweet="Do you need to change the approach you're taking on social media?"]

Now that you understand that it is not about you, you need to move on to the mindset of your followers and who you want to be your ideal customer. What are they doing online, what are they looking for and who do they care about? More often than not they are not online to think about you or business. They are online to be social with the relationships they are interested in building.

So where does this leave you? Not important, in this point of the relationship, just being honest with you. You need to make your business products and services secondary in your posting on social media. Making your social media marketing work for your business is to make it all about your customers, clients and potential leads. What are you going to do to make them think that they need your business’ products or services? Get into their mindset. Show them how you solve their problems, tell them you understand their pain points, Listen to their concerns.

Use your knowledge of your ideal client’s core needs of your services and teach them what exactly you know about them, how to help them and then approach with the sales pitch. Use social media to work hand in hand with your other marketing efforts. Are you also attending networking events, having pop up events and sales, email marketing, print ads or even billboard? Pull your offline relationships online to maintain on an ongoing basis.




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