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Being Human On Social Media

It pays off to be human in social media. Sometimes is great and helpful to use a robot, but other times it’s annoying and creepy. If you are anything like me, when you have to call in for phone support and you get stuck on an IVR that has a recording with no real person, you get frustrated. This is true on social media as well. People will be interacting with your brand and the last thing they want to see when sending you a message on Twitter is an automated response.

You are a real person and your business is made up of real people that work with you. So why hide your humanity on social media? Show your audience you are a person. Normally proving to others that you are a real person this is done by having a coffee or lunch with them, showing emotion by laughing and crying, at appropriate times of course. On social media, this is a little bit different and you have to be creative.

Here are some tips to help you out.

  •  Get Involved In The Conversation: Social media is a place to have actual conversations with people, not pretend interaction. Buying likes and followers will do nothing but hurt your reach and engagement with your turn followers. Don’t use a script to respond to messages that come back to you. Answer how you would if you were talking directly to them. Scripts and auto-responders are the fastest way to get people to unfollow you. You do not have to go off-brand and overwhelm people with charm, just make sure that there is a person behind the accounts you are posting to online who can handle your follower at a human level.

  • Reply To The Message: Messages and comments should not be ignored. It is really easy to forget about something that you have automated. Just like that gym membership you have. No matter how long it has been since you have been it still gets paid out of your bank account each month. Social media marketing only works if you do, or your social media management team. Be diligent and respond to everyone that comes in. A single person does not care how many other messages you respond to each day, they care whether or not you responded to them. Even if the comment is not openly looking for a response add one anyway, this helps build the relationship.

  • Show Appreciation: When someone gives you shout out on social media, thank them. This is not something that is expected from all your followers, but it shows that you are a brand that reaches back out.

  • Signing Replies: This is an effective way to show you are human when there are multiple people managing your accounts. With a simple dash (-) and your name. This allows the reader to know they are speaking to a real person and can place a real person in the business they are talking to.

Remember Social Media was created for people to have personal interaction online.

Don’t be afraid to get Personal.




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