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Attracting an older age group on social media

The days are long gone where Facebook was only open to college students, MySpace was for local bands to connect with their fans and industry members. Today’s growing users of social media are those who children have moved out of the house and they are cutting back on the hours they are working. They have time to spend online and are doing so at an increasing rate.

Where are they spending their time with Social Media?

Facebook if the number one locations for those in retirement and approaching retirement. They join to stay in touch with friends and family but stay online with watching and sharing content from a business just like yours.

Focus on value

With having their children out of the house, mortgage paid off and more than likely out of debt. Work on creating an emphasis on value over price. They are more likely purchase when they know how a product or service will solve something for them. Show them how you will make their life easier or more comfortable.

Give them something worth sharing

Create a way for your customers to be proud of the services and products you create. Women like to brag about their shopping experience. Follow brands they already love and stay in touch when the next season’s items are released or what the next special is at their favourite restaurant.

Customer Service

This is not just an age-related point to cover, but the older consumers are more likely to purchase based on the experience with the sales person. They want to be treated with respect and experience a one-on-one approach.




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