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8 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

1. Use Photos

Use the power of images, in all forms of social media. People get bored with just reading posts after post. Include images that represent who you are as a brand.


2. Explain Why You Are Sharing.

Your followers love to know why you are sharing something with them and why you love it. Be passionate about what you are sharing and why you think that they would love it too.


3. Hashtags

The trick is knowing when to use hashtags, how many and what your hashtags should be.


Photos with 11 or more get the most engagement, and there is a max number of Photos with 11 or more get the most engagement, and there is a max number of hashtags that can be used, its 30! Whoa! That is a lot of hashtags so go to town and have fun with hashtags to target your audience. Use them and use them well. If you add then hashtags in the comments with will still appear in search results but they will not be adding to the site lines of the photo.


Twitter recommends keeping it to 2. This all depends on your audience. You have a limited number of characters you can use and you still need to get your message across. Run a test on your own twitter for the number of hostages you are using and track you results. You will learn what ones get the most response from the audience you are creating.


Remember that you can not search hashtags on Facebook only click and see other posts with the same hashtags. Use the hashtag as part of the sentence to post where you are or what you are doing. Keep to 2 posts when using a hashtag so you are not appearing to spam.


2-4 hashtags is the best practice and placement at the bottom of the post where they are less intrusive.

When to not use hashtags

Pinterest. Pinterest uses a search tool that follows the results based on the cat orgies and comments that have been made on posts. If you still want on using them in Pinterest keep it in mind that they are not searchable and can only be used in the pin description.

LINKEDIN – Don’t bother. LinkedIn did away with the Hashtag in 2013. This has been replaced with “tags” similar in a way you would with a blog post on tumbler or WordPress using up to 3 keywords.

  • 4. Tag Others

    When mentioning someone else on social media tag them. Not only will this send credit to who you are working with, sharing content from or assigning credit to, but this will allow their followers to see the post as well as yours.

  • 5. Get Personal

    Don’t always be about business. Let your followers know you on a personal level why they are more likely to choose a business when they know who THEY are.


6. Hold Contest

There are a million different ways to hold a contest. Use one that works for the services you are promoting. Offer prizes to the people that are participating on your social media.


7. Be One On One

Strike up a conversation with someone the next time you are on your social media. LinkedIn. Send personal messages congratulating people on their accomplishments, or ask questions about their business or job that will allow you to promote your brand. Twitter just scroll down and find posts that you can comment on and start up the conversation. Just don’t leave anyone hanging and return to the conversation after they have responded.


8. Pay Attention

There are times when it is suggested on when to post on every social media platform. Remember that these are suggestions and find out when your followers are actually online and get your posts in front of your audience. This will increase the chance of engagement from your following.




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