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5 Simple Facebook Advertising Hacks to Double Your ROI

If you want to promote your business, you must choose Facebook ads. Facebook Ads is the best and cheapest way to advertise your online campaign. We all know that Facebook is a powerful platform for targeting customers and for promoting sales. Now Facebook is being used by almost all people, even by your company’s head, director, and manager too. Anyone can be targeted by ads that are relevant to their business and personal life.

You can start increasing your advertising budget using Facebook Ads. It can also help you reach a new group of high-quality customers and increase your ROI on advertising expenses. There are some features below to double your ROI that can help you to improve your business’s overall performance.

1. Know Your Audience

Your audience is the most important part of your campaign. Build your qualified audience by knowing them. If you promote to the wrong people, they will not take interest in your business. You must segregate your audience according to their interest towards your product.

A custom audience is an easily targeting possibility for your business, because they are the visitors of your website, blogs, pages etc. They will surely help to improve your ad results.

2. Use the Right Visuals for Your Advertisement

When you start your Facebook campaign, you must be prepared with several images with a perfect Call-To-Action button. You can attract your customers through images with eye catching colors. You can use pictures that show emotion. You can also use emoji’s in your Text. This will give better results for your Ad campaign. So, invest in professional images that can describe your products effectively.

3. Create A Video of a Product

Advertisement campaigns use images and videos to attract their customers. Videos are the most popular way to engage visitors. Make interesting videos that are relevant to your product and upload them as a post. This will help you to reach your targeted audience and it is a cheaper way than any other marketing engagement strategy.

A Call-To-Action button at the end of the video can increase your click Through Rate. It is very easy to deploy.

4. Monitor Your Comments

You can improve your ROI by monitoring your comments. One negative comment can decrease your Conversion rate. Once you hide a negative comment, you see the conversion rate going up again.

You must try to give answers to each and every comment. This will prevent other users to post similar comments. So, look over your comments every day.

5. Focus on Your Ad Budget

Set your budget before starting your campaign. If you are a small budget company, then it is necessary to keep your budget low for all your advertisement sets. Focus on life time budgeting rather than on a daily budget. Lifetime budgeting focuses on reaching only those people, who are more likely to click on your advertisements. This will keep the cost low.

These are some hacks to manage your Facebook Advertising. This will help you to get a higher ROI for your online Campaign.




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